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Sevens Super Series - Season 1

Welcome to Season 1 of Sevens Super Series: our mini Blood Bowl Sevens Tournament.

Five teams will compete over five rounds to make it to the Playoffs, and be crowned the Sevens Super Series Champion!

Those teams are...

*Gitzberg Steelaz* (Orc)

*The Chaoslings* (Halflings)

*Red Skulls* (Chaos)

*Wild Hunters* (Wood Elves)

*Snow Spiders* (Human)


The Bonehead Podcast - Episode #21

Bonehead Bowl Review and Matched Play Leagues

Welcome Back, Boneheads!

On Episode 21 of The Bonehead Podcast we are joined by local players Milton and Ben (from Episode 16 fame) to review Bonehead Bowl, we also discuss Matched Play Blood Bowl Leagues, and the usual News, Hobby, and Star Players.

Segment Reference:

News - 00:03:00

Hobby - 00:18:40

Bonehead Bowl Review - 00:33:20

Matched Play Leagues - 01:30:50

Star Player: Boomer Eziasson  - 01:55:10

Episode Links

Kickstarter Mentions:

Dwarf Team - Yedharo

Tournaments Mentioned:

Sewer Bowl Sevens (10/8/19)

Miniatures Mentioned:

Winzor Chog Miniatures

RN Estudio - Victor

Bonehead Podcast - Video Episode 26

#26 - New Players to Old Leagues and Tombstone Tournament Preview 

On Episode 26 of the Bonehead Podcast I am joined by local player Ian* to talk about New Players in Old Leagues, a preview of Tombstone Tournament, and the usual News, Hobby, and Star Players.

*Rich has been distracted by real life for a while, so Ian is heroically helping me out!

This episode is also the first designed for YouTube - see what we're talking about as we talk about it at and let us know what you think!

Tombstone Tournament

Horror Themed Blood Bowl Tournament

Saturday 26th October

The Bonehead Podcast Blood Bowl 7s Game 1 (Humans vs Skaven)

 Hey Everyone, Rich and I streamed a great little game of Blood Bowl 7s! Thanks to everyone that joined in the chat! 

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Join us at Entoyment in Poole, UK for a 3-game, one-day Blood Bowl Tournament featuring our (optional) Mixed Team rules!



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